1week trip. autumn in 2015.

Last week I had one-week holidays. I considered that, should I do the artwork? or should I go on a trip.
then I got few money. so I choose the trip!

My brother living Osaka, I planed Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka tour.

I wanted to promote my book to the bookstore in Kansai and I plant to do a little sightseeing while I am at it.


I left home at 9AM and I took Shinkansen at 10AM. I arrived in Kyoto station at 13PM.

The wether was really good so I rented a bike. I want to blend in with Kyoto rather than sightseeing. I rode the bike by the river side. I can see mountains at a distance. It was very pleasant day.

But sun was setting. So I had to hurry up. after 40 minute of biking  I arrived at book store. I gave my book store store keeper.

and rode again for 40 minute to Station and return the bike and I went to Osaka to meet my brother and his wife. We met together and had Nabe party at his apartment. talk a lot and sleep.