13th Jan, sunny day

It was so nice weather, I and Naru hang around Tokyo. Ueno to Ochanomizu.

First stop was “nico” select shop sells vintage stuffs from around the world.

↑ really cute banner!!

I got note book. made in Mexico.

Next stop was “Mitte” European vintage select shop.

the shop was small but there are many good European designed stuffs.
Some German music was playing there. It was so nice.

we bought Russian old child book and swedish linen .

at last we went to Ochanomizu. There is best town that Books and Music shops in Tokyo.

I bought frame and some sketchbooks at art craft shop “Bumpodo”
And hang out a book shop “Bohemian’s Guild”

It was really Nice day!

at home, I framed Naoki Shoji’s print art work.