EKKO Little Exhibition "SWEET X'MAS TIME" at TROPE


12.03(Thu) - 12.25(Fri)

世界中の服や 雑貨 や本が並ぶTROPEという特別なお店での、小さな絵画の展示です。


The fantastical seed of Christmas spirit has been planted in my heart since I was a child.
Little ornaments hanging on the fir tree, presents, the intruder at midnight, all these special childhood memories are the foundation of my creative works

Little show at Trope an eclectic vintage clothing and sundry goods store.
Please come and find a fantasy!


東京都世田谷区太子堂4-28-9 2F

TEL/FAX: 03-6450-7454
MAIL: info@trope.jp
OPEN: 13:00-20:00 (2015年8月改定)
定休日: 水曜日


雑誌 FIGARO japon 2015年10月号 の「女をめぐる、女の冒険~クリエイター同士の対話~」特集で、フリーダ・カーロについてコメントを寄せました。



About FRIDA KAHLO / EKKO (Artist)

I want to discuss her mental strength and the distance between herself and her works. Her work is contemplative.
Her self-portrait is infused with pain and sadness, because these are her experiences. The figure in her self-portrait reminds audience of ancient mythology; it is very fantastic
The color scheme is earthy, unber, brown, burnt sienna…. I like her color scheme.
I associate brown with honesty and primitivity; Frida is a honest and primitive person.Colorful, splendorous are the words to describe Frida's image, but her inside is different.
In Mexico, there are "Exvotos", which are devotional paintings. It is a type of folk art to show gratitude when people's wishes are granted.
It has a naive quality to it. The size is usually small and it is accompanied by texts. The motive is pure .
Sometimes I think that her painting is influenced/driven by the Mexican spiritual practice/spirituality.

She is iconic, She is the face of Mexico.
As an artist myself, sometimes it frightens me to think about her sacrifice for art. Will it be my destiny as well?

1week trip. autumn in 2015.

Last week I had one-week holidays. I considered that, should I do the artwork? or should I go on a trip.
then I got few money. so I choose the trip!

My brother living Osaka, I planed Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka tour.

I wanted to promote my book to the bookstore in Kansai and I plant to do a little sightseeing while I am at it.


I left home at 9AM and I took Shinkansen at 10AM. I arrived in Kyoto station at 13PM.

The wether was really good so I rented a bike. I want to blend in with Kyoto rather than sightseeing. I rode the bike by the river side. I can see mountains at a distance. It was very pleasant day.

But sun was setting. So I had to hurry up. after 40 minute of biking  I arrived at book store. I gave my book store store keeper.

and rode again for 40 minute to Station and return the bike and I went to Osaka to meet my brother and his wife. We met together and had Nabe party at his apartment. talk a lot and sleep.